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The Top 10 Banquet Halls in Aurora, IL

Banquet halls are the perfect spaces to bring friends, family, and coworkers together for special events. The right space can elevate your event to the next level and leave people talking about it for days or even months afterward. Venues 2-5 and 10 on this list have all already been showcased on our Top 10 Wedding Venues in Aurora, IL article. Whether you choose one of the familiar venues or one of our brand new selections (or none of them) this compilation of the top 10 banquet halls in Aurora, IL will give you a great idea of what you’re looking for in a venue.

10. Aurora Country Club
With a maximum seating capacity of 250 guests, Aurora Country Club is not the largest venue banquet out there. However, it is one of the most ideal spaces if you’d prefer to have create some indoor/outdoor flow with your event. Their garden and courtyards provide an excellent extension of the indoor ballroom.

Aurora Country Club has been serving Aurora and the surrounding communities since 1914. They’ve undergone a few renovations over the last 100+ years, but you can still expect to be surrounded by most of the original architecture and charm. Modern amenities complement the history beautifully.

Aurora Country Club has an on-site culinary team available for all events held in their banquet space. The staff have years of experience exceeding the expectations of everyone who dines at the facility. Whether you want their team to plan your menu or you’d like a say in every dish, you won’t be disappointed with the final result. A bar service is also included with every banquet package.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching extra to surprise your guests with, you can’t go wrong with a custom-made ice sculpture. The spacious ballroom features elegant drapery and romantic lighting for wedding receptions, but the space is versatile enough to host other types of banquet events as well.

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9. Gaslite Manor Banquets
Gaslite Manor Banquets has perhaps the most inclusive guest capacity of any other venue in Aurora. With seating capacity from 50 guests to a whopping 900, you can be sure that even the largest events can be accommodated in style at this banquet hall. They have three separate ballrooms that can be booked individually, as a pair, or as a full buyout to accommodate every guest list perfectly.

Gaslite Manor Banquets has been in business for over 30 years. Their ballroom spaces have recently undergone some renovations, but the charm and elegance of this venue has not dissipated over the years. With a well-trained and experienced staff, you can be confident that your banquet event will run smoothly in a gorgeous space.

Gaslite Manor Banquets is a fully-inclusive venue when it comes to catering. They will provide a multi-course meal, wine service with dinner, open bar package, and even a wedding cake if desired. Their staff have cultivated delicious menus for decades, so you can be sure your taste buds will be well taken care of.

The versatility of this space is truly something to admire. Their granite dance floor spans all three ballrooms to guarantee a fun evening with every booking, and with the soundproofing in the space, your event will be isolated and private even if there are other events going on next door.

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8. Piper’s Banquets
The Piper’s Banquets venue is large enough to support seating for as many as 400 guests. The open floor plan ensures that every event planner can tailor the space to their needs, whether it is a traditional wedding reception, cocktail-style event, or something a little more unique. The indoor banquet space and outdoor courtyard are available for events.

Piper’s Banquets has played host to hundreds of events over the years. Their space is the ideal combination of historically grand architecture, vintage décor items, and modern touches.

With a highly-skilled and innovative culinary team on staff, Piper’s Banquets can provide a dazzling meal service to event guests. Hors d’oeuvres, a multi-course meal, champagne toast, premium bar package, and desserts are included with every booking. They have staff on hand to private white-glove service as well. You can customize your menu every step of the way or hand the reins over to the chefs.

Piper’s Banquets is an elegant and spacious banquet hall with a number of stunning features. High ceilings, tall marble pillars, vintage chandeliers, and an optional hardwood dance floor are only the beginning of what this space has to offer. Their enchanting courtyard can become part of your festivities too.

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7. Lincoln Inn Banquets
The Lincoln Inn Banquets venue is home to 4 separate banquet spaces. The Springfield Room can seat 160 guests, the Gettysburg Room is the smallest with seating for 90 guests, the Lincoln Room has space for 255 guests, and the Douglas Room can seat 150. If you need even more space, you can combine the Lincoln Room and Douglas Room for a total seating capacity of 450.

For more than 30 years, Lincoln Inn Banquets has been hosting wedding receptions, graduation parties, corporate events, and more. Their decades of experience and their stately venue combine to create the perfect banquet space for everyone’s memorable moments.

Lincoln Inn Banquets offers full-service catering for all events held on the premises. They have several prepared menu packages for different event types, but you should feel welcome to discuss the vision you have for your food and drink menu; the staff are highly-skilled and willing to customize your menu with you.

No matter which room you choose to book for your banquet event, you will be treated to a few excellent amenities. Each space has its own fully-stocked bar and a granite dance floor. The open floor plan allows you to set up your tables in any arrangement of your choosing. The vibrantly patterned floors and drapery provide a great backdrop for any décor theme.

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6. Royal Fox Country Club
Royal Fox Country Club is a fairly sizeable location that can seat between 100 and 250 guests comfortably. This stunning brick building features white accents and is surrounded by an 18-whole golf course and various other amenities that create a wonderful atmosphere of inclusivity. Guests should feel free to explore the property or even go for a round of golf before the event begins.

Since 1989, Royal Fox Country Club has been hosting events and serving as one of the premier golf courses near Aurora. The golf course was built around natural elements of the landscape to preserve it, and the renovations in 2017 did not change the charming clubhouse all that much.

Royal Fox Country Club has a full catering team on site to provide a personalized meal and bar package. A basic menu is included with every event, but you can choose to include some add-ons like hors d’oeuvres or an upgraded bar package. The menu will be catered to the season, so keep that in mind when booking your day.

The banquet space at Royal Fox Country Club is absolutely stunning. A darkly patterned floor brilliantly offsets the white walls, ceiling, and drapery. Floor-to-ceiling windows surround the entire room to bathe guests in natural light, and the space becomes incredibly romantic and private after the sun goes down with illumination from multiple chandeliers. There is valet-parking available, too.

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5. Venue 5126
Venue 5126 rests on a seven-acre property. Their main banquet space is the 3200 square foot barn: it has a flexible floor plan that can seat up to 250 guests. The party can easily spread to the surrounding land if you’d like to allow guests to roam freely from one space to another; this is the ideal location for a relaxed banquet.

Venue 5126 has existed only since 2010, but the history of the property goes back decades. Originally, it was a fully-functioning farm with crops and livestock aplenty. The barn housed horses and farm equipment during that time. When it was purchased in 2010 and renovated to create Venue 5126, the new owners preserved as much of the charm and rustic elegance as possible.

When it comes to catering, Venue 5126 has you taken care of. Their passionate culinary team can create a bespoke food and drink menu for your banquet whether you are intrigued by a country-style dinner or wish to provide your guests an elegant, plated dinner service. You can customize your bar package as well.

In addition to the stunning banquet space in the historic barn, Venue 5126 is home to a pergola overlooking 500 acres (a perfect frame for photos to remember the event), a stone patio for relaxed socialization, and an optional three-peak tent complete with chandeliers and string lights.

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4. Paramount’s Meyer Ballroom
Paramount’s Meyer Ballroom is a venue that comes with guest list minimums on weekends. Depending which weekend day you book, you’ll have a guest minimum of 100 or 120 guests. If you need a weekday banquet time, smaller group sizes are welcome. At most, this banquet space can seat 250 guests.

Paramount Theatre is roughly 90 years old, and although the Meyer Ballroom is a newer building built across the street from the theatre, it replicates the architectural style and grand elegance that characterizes the original Paramount structure.

The catering structure for events at the Meyer Ballroom is fairly unique. The venue will provide the bar package for your event, which comes with a fully stocked bar and licensed bartender that will be available for five hours. For meal catering, you will need to work with one of their four preferred vendors, each of which will provide a full meal, coffee/tea service, and waitstaff.

There are a few insanely unique features of booking an event at Paramount’s Meyer Ballroom. Every guest that attends will receive a complimentary ticket to a Broadway show at Paramount Theatre. The day of the event, you can choose to have a message put up on the marquee to highlight your event in lights. Free valet parking is also included for every booking.

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3. Belle Salle Banquets
Belle Salle Banquets is a wedding and banquet event venue situated on six acres of private land. Their main banquet space resides in a ballroom large enough to seat 400 guests. If you’d prefer to have an outdoor event instead, their extensive lawns are very well manicured and can be used as event space.

The staff of Belle Salle Banquets have been running the business for more than 50 years. In those decades, they have gained invaluable knowledge about the event industry and have created a captivating space to suit every type of event: everyone deserves to gather in style.

Belle Salle Banquets offers an all-inclusive catering experience. Their services are incredibly customizable, and you can work with the head chef and culinary team to design a menu you love. They can provide hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, exquisite entrees, and dessert. A full bar service is also included for every banquet event.

Belle Salle Banquets is the banquet hall of choice for anyone keen on a neutral, airy space. Light-colored walls and ceiling allow you to transform the ballroom and bring your vision to life. Large windows let in plenty of natural light and provide an excellent view of their peaceful pond, majestic trees, and elegant pergola.

Check out more on their website:

2. Company 251
The Company 251 space spans two stories and 20,000 square feet in its entirety. For banquet events with multiple components, this is the perfect venue to spread out and provide clear boundaries for each component; for example, dancing and socializing on one floor and a seated dinner on the other. In total, this banquet venue can accommodate 750 standing guests or 350 for a seated banquet.

The Company 251 building has existed since 1908. It is a four-story building that housed the International Harvester Corporation in its heyday. Although it has been renovated and repurposed over the last century, the space is still full of character and timeless architecture.

Outside vendors won’t be needed when you book with Company 251. They have highly-trained bartenders and high-quality alcohol on site to provide a perfect bar package to your guests. As far as food goes, you’ll also be covered by the venue. The culinary team on staff is prepared to customize a buffet menu and give it delicious life the day of your event.

Whether you have a décor theme in mind or you’d like a venue to function as-is, Company 251 fits the bill. With a large overhead glass door, expansive windows that serve as a natural lighting source, brick walls, and marble floors, this space is suited to pretty much anything. Handmade lighting fixtures and brass accents add a contemporary edge to this historic industrial space.

See more here on their website:

1. Two Brothers Roundhouse
Two Brothers Roundhouse is a wonderfully versatile venue with spaces suitable for small groups of 25 or massive gatherings of 600 people. In total, this venue spans 70,000 square feet. The property is home to the main restaurant, a café and beer bar, courtyard, and more.

The Two Brothers Roundhouse property has a unique history. Originally built in 1856, this limestone roundhouse is the oldest of its kind in the entire country. It was made with locally sourced stone from a Batavia quarry and served the Chicago & Aurora Railroad for many years. Through its renovation to Two Brothers Roundhouse, much of the original architecture and character was preserved.

You can say goodbye to the stress of hunting down outside vendors when you book your banquet at Two Brothers Roundhouse. They have a highly-skilled team that can prepare a delicious menu of your choosing whether you want a traditional sit-down dinner or something more unique. A full bar package is also included, and professional but friendly waitstaff and bartenders are provided.

Two Brothers Roundhouse is the single most unique venue in all of Aurora. With its pivotal history, multi-functional footprint, and impeccable service, this banquet venue is ideal for anyone that feels strongly about good food, better beer, and excellent music. Their brewery and distillery, captivating architecture, and intriguing beer garden create a one-of-a-kind space that is sure to impress.

Whether you need a banquet hall to host your wedding reception or any other kind of event, the venues we’ve gathered on this top 10 list are worthy of your consideration. Two Brothers Roundhouse is the best overall pick with its friendly atmosphere, delectable cuisine and craft beer, and awe-inspiring architecture, but the other 9 venues on this list each have something special to offer you for your special day. As long as you absolutely love the space you choose, you’ve chosen right.

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