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TWO BROTHERS is more than just craft beer, or artisan coffee and spirits, or a family of restaurants.  It's about brewing with our beliefs, roasting with no regrets, creating spirits with an independent spirit and creating relaxing, fun environments where friends and family can enjoy themselves, forgetting their worries of the day.


Craft with a conscience is about: Heritage, Family, Authenticity, Integrity, Utmost Quality, Sustainability, Independence and Philanthropy.

A pint of beer with the Two Brothers Brewing Company logo. The company slogan, "Follow Your Passion. Drink Ours." is featured to the right of the pint.
Two Brothers Brewing Company Logo


Two Brothers Brewing Company was founded in 1996 by brothers Jim and Jason Ebel.  Their love of beer started with travels throughout Europe where they discovered flavorful beers not available in the United States.  That love grew into a passion for creating unique beers at home using the highest-quality ingredients.

Two Brothers beers are brewed with equal parts craftsmanship, creativity and conscience. It's the reason Two Brothers beers have been fiercely loved by our fans for over 25 years!


Two Brothers Coffee Roasters was launched in 2012 with the intention of providing high-quality, specialty-grade coffee on par with our award-winning beers.


Using the best beans from the Americas, Africa and Indonesia, Two Brothers Coffee Roasters offers single-origin and blended coffees for everyone's taste.

TBBC Coffee Roasters Logo
Two Brothers Artisan Spirits Logo


Two Brothers Artisan Spirits is a passion project from craft brewing pioneers, Two Brothers Artisan Brewing. As with all Two Brothers products, the focus is on quality and craftsmanship, pushing the boundaries of flavor and innovation to bring a unique take on craft spirits. Two Brothers Artisan Spirits are distilled in our state-of-the-art hybrid still at the Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora, IL.


"The Brothers are foodies!"

It's true, the Brothers seek high-quality food, whether from a food truck or fine-dining. More importantly they love creating great experiences for their guests at the Tap House located in the brewery, or the Historic Roundhouse.  Stop by and experience the first-rate food, with selections for Vegan, Vegetarians and Gluten-intolerant, or order online.

Also, check out our events, featuring weekly live music, trivia and special events!

Tap House logo.
Roundhouse logo
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