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The Top 10 Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs

Banquet halls are an excellent place to gather with friends, family, and coworkers. Flexible floor plans and large capacities ensure they are suitable for any type of event, whether it is a wedding reception, birthday party, corporate fundraiser, or school reunion. No matter what type of special event you’re planning, choosing the right venue is one of the most crucial steps. To help you out, we’ve gathered the top 10 banquet halls in the Chicago suburbs to inspire you and give you an idea of what’s out there. A number of these venues have also appeared in other articles we’ve written: Abington Distinctive Banquets and Arrowhead Golf club both appeared in our Top 10 Wedding Venues in the Chicago Suburbs article, and Revelry 675 was featured in our Top 10 Wedding Venues in Aurora article.

10. Venuti’s Ristorante and Banquets
Venuti’s Ristorante and Banquets is one of the largest venues in Chicago’s suburbs with a seating capacity of 1000 guests. They have multiple reception/banquet spaces available, so your guests will be comfortable no matter how big or small your guest count is.

Vittorio Venuti married his wife Alba in 1958, shortly after arriving in Chicago from Italy. Four years later, Venuti’s Ristorante and Banquets was born. This is the ideal location for wedding couples that want to host every aspect of their day in one location, but every other type of celebration can find their perfect banquet space here, too.

Venuti’s star chef Tito Alvarado will be responsible for providing your event with a perfectly customized menu of exquisite food. No matter what dishes you’d like to include or how many courses, the culinary team can make your vision come to life. A cash bar or open bar can be arranged, and the team can even create a custom wedding cake if needed.

Venuti’s is a wonderful homage to traditional Roman designs; marble architecture dominates the space, and stunning mosaics provide brilliant detailing. Their main ballroom is incredibly bright and airy and suitable for any décor style from classy elegance to outrageous party. A serene fountain and stunning double staircase made of gold and light marble add the finishing touches.

Check out more at their website:

Venuti’s Ristorante and Banquets Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs Venuti’s Ristorante and Banquets
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
9. Abbington Distinctive Banquets
Abbington Distinctive Banquets is a sizeable venue with a guest capacity of 300 for seated events. They have multiple ballrooms available and additional gathering areas that can be booked for more intimate parties. The floor plan of each space is flexible to ensure every event can be a dream come true for the planner.

Abbington Distinctive Banquets was established in 2002. It is a family-owned business that personifies the vision of each family member and their experience in the industry. With wedding and event planning experience going all the way back to 1969, this venue is a one-stop-shop for all banquet events.

Outside vendors will not be necessary when you book with Abbington Distinctive Banquets; they have a full culinary team on staff that can customize a menu and bar package for your event. With two decades of experience in various kitchens, the leaders of the culinary team can make anything possible. A full staff of servers and bartenders is also provided.

The banquet space is absolutely stunning at this venue. The double doors leading into the ballroom are perfect for grand entrances, and the crystal chandeliers make the light dance around the room. Large windows flood the space in natural light during the day. With a neutral white exterior and arched windows, you’ll have plenty of places for gorgeous photos.

Check out more at their website:

Abbington Distinctive Banquets Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs Abbington Distinctive Banquets
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
8. Harry Caray’s Banquets
Harry Caray’s Banquets is a sophisticated event venue perfect for celebrations that would benefit from some indoor/outdoor flow. The seating capacity for this venue is 300 guests. You’ll have access to both the indoor ballroom and the spacious outdoor terrace during the event.

Harry Caray’s Banquets is located in The Westin hotel in Lombard. This venue has more than 25 years of catering and event planning experience; you’ll be in good hands.

Catering at Harry Caray’s Banquets is next level. If food is your passion, this is one of the best venues for you in all of Chicagoland. In addition to a flexible bar package, this restaurant venue can create a perfectly customized menu of hors d’oeuvres, starters, entrees, and desserts. If needed, they can even make you a wedding cake. If your event extends into the late evening, a snack bar of your choosing can also be arranged.

The ballroom is the most beautiful location at Harry Caray’s Banquets. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the event space in natural light, and the soft wood panelling creates a gorgeous contrast. From the terrace, your guests will have a memorable view of the pond and fountain. This venue is also capable of accommodating your guests in The Westin and providing lighting services, flowers, and more.

Check out more at their website:

Harry Caray’s Banquets Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs Harry Caray’s Banquets
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
7. Revelry 675
In total, Revelry 675 comprises 6200 square feet of event space. A 1200 square foot patio perfectly complements the 5000 square foot indoor area; this venue is ideal for indoor/outdoor events as a result. With a seating capacity indoors of 300 guests and an extensive lawn outdoors, this venue can suit both indoor and outdoor banquets with elegance and grace.

Revelry 675 is a newer event venue that has made quite a name for itself already. Shuki Moran, a celebrity event planner with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, opened Revelry 675 as a place to set down roots in the event community and welcome all types of people and events.

Revelry 675 is not an all-inclusive venue, so you will have to look outside the venue for a caterer. You will be supplied with a preferred list of vendors for each aspect of your event, including catering. The staff will manage your vendors the day of your event, though, to help alleviate your stress and allow you to enjoy your event to the fullest.

With inspirations from Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, Revelry 675 is one of the most unique venues you’ll find in the Chicago suburbs. The property extends all the way to the nearby Fox River, and with an elegant collection of contemporary décor items and a talented staff, you and your guests will be treated like royalty in an elegant and inviting space.

Check out more on their website:

Revelry 675 Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs Revelry 675
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
6. Hotel Baker
Hotel Baker has a number of majestic and charming locations for banquet events. Their Rainbow Room has a unique oval shape and a mezzanine level, perfect for event planners searching for distinctive features. The Waterfront Ballroom is connected to a patio and offers gorgeous views of Fox River. An English rose garden and boathouse are also on site for unique photoshoot opportunities. This venue can host up to 200 guests.

Hotel Baker has been standing since 1928. It has been visited by countless VIP guests, including Louis Armstrong and Presidents John F. Kennedy and Gerald Ford. Although this building has undergone numerous renovations, its architectural integrity and old-world charm have been preserved. This building holds a place of honor on the National Register of Historic Places.

Your catering needs will be met by the culinary team at the venue. They have skilled chefs that can provide a traditional plated dinner or buffet-style serving for your banquet. A bar package will also be provided, as well as all of the servers and licensed bartenders you’ll need for the event.

Whether you plan to add a contemporary flare to this historic venue or stay true to its roaring 20s vibe, Hotel Baker has plenty to offer. Sophisticated wood detailing, a translucent glass dance floor, arching windows, and a stunning terrace with riverfront views ensure no guest will leave for home without a lasting memory of the event. Your guests will be able to stay overnight on-site and take advantage of the restaurant and bar, concierge service, and spa rooms.

Check out more at their website:

Hotel Baker Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs Hotel Baker
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs

5. Warehouse 109
The event space at Warehouse 109 measures 6000 square feet in total. They offer a 4000 square foot indoor space and a 2000 square foot courtyard for outdoor events. Their maximum banquet capacity is 150 guests. They have parking on-site for 120 vehicles, so you won’t have to worry about transportation.

As a new venue in an old space, Warehouse 109 is the ideal combination of historic charm and contemporary décor. The main bar is from the 1960’s, and the building itself has been standing for even longer. Warehouse 109 was created in 2015 and has been rocking the event world ever since.

Catering at Warehouse 109 is split into two components. A full bar package and bartender is offered by the venue, and you can customize the drink selection with the staff. For food catering, you can bring in any outside vendor that you like: you’ll just have to get them approved. A prep kitchen is available for their use.

Warehouse 109 is full of unique and engaging décor items: a collection of antique motorcycles, a 1958 Airstream converted to a lounge, and a vintage bar are some of the highlights. The space retains all of its industrial charm with high exposed ceilings, brick walls and pavement, wooden beams, and tin doors. String lights and any décor of your choosing can add some class and on-theme sophistication to each event.

Check out more on their website:

Warehouse 109 Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs Warehouse 109
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
4. The Westin Chicago Northwest
The Westin Chicago Northwest is one of the most versatile banquet halls in Chicagoland. With a total of 19 event spaces in diverse sizes, every banquet event can have a perfectly sized room. Their smaller rooms are ideal for banquets with 50 guests or less, and their largest space, the Grand Ballroom, can hold a max capacity of 800, or 550 with a dance floor. All in all, there is 45,000 square feet of event space for you to choose from.

The Westin Chicago Northwest was built in 1981. This 13-floor hotel was renovated and refurbished in 2006, but its classic architecture is still in place today. With its conference-minded design, this is one of the best hotels for meetings and events of all kinds.

Every aspect of your banquet meal will be covered by the venue’s culinary team. They can provide a traditional plated meal or a more relaxed buffet style. A bar package is also included. Feel free to customize the food and drink menu however you’d like.

A 12-story atrium is only the first of many dazzling aspects of The Westin Chicago Northwest. With multiple indoor and outdoor banquet spaces available, you can create the perfect setting for your banquet. The extensive grounds are home to willow trees, a lake, swans, multiple fountains, and a gorgeous bridge, all of which are available for photos. You also have the opportunity to book a room block of 10-100 rooms for out-of-town guests.

Check out more on their website:

The Westin Chicago Northwest Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs The Westin Chicago Northwest
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
3. Crystal Tree Country Club
The entire second floor of Crystal Tree Country Club is dedicated to weddings and other banquet-style events. Two balconies allow you to get some fresh air during the occasion and check out the amazing view of the 18-hole golf course. In total, this venue can accommodate a seated guest list of 275.

Crystal Tree Country Club is a newer venue in the golf course and clubhouse world: it opened in 1989. In its first 25 years, it has become a place of camaraderie, family fun, and sportsmanship. The well-landscaped grounds and stunning clubhouse will stand the test of time.

Crystal Tree Country Club is a wonderful all-inclusive venue that does not skip a single detail when it comes to catering. With every event booking, you’ll receive a four-course dinner with dishes of your selection, a four-hour open bar package, champagne or wine for a toast, a coffee/tea service, and even a wedding cake if needed.

There are a number of special amenities include with banquet bookings at Crystal Tree Country Club. All guests will be able to take advantage of the free valet parking, and the hard wood dance floor is a permanent fixture that is sure to get your guests up and moving. The balconies are a lovely touch to the space whether your event is held during the day or in the evening.

Check out more on their website:

Crystal Tree Country Club Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs Crystal Tree Country Club
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
2. Arrowhead Golf Club
There are two event spaces available for booking at Arrowhead Golf Club. For more intimate banquets, their Clocktower Room is perfect for 40 guests or fewer. For more elaborate celebrations, their top floor Grand Ballroom is the ideal space. It measures 5300 square feet and can seat up to 275 guests comfortably.

Arrowhead Golf Club began as Antlers Club. The clubhouse and main golf course have been in place since the 1920’s. During construction, Native American artifacts were found on the property, and that was the spark for the name change. Today, there is an education center and a 27-hole golf course complementing the original clubhouse.

As an all-inclusive venue, Arrowhead Golf Club will provide all of the food and drinks needed for your event. If you need a wedding cake, you’ll have to work with one of their preferred bakery vendors, though. The staff will supply a full bartending service, a tea and coffee station, a multi-course meal, desserts, and even late night snacks.

Arrowhead Golf Club is one of the most stately and romantic venues in Chicago’s suburbs. If you want to emulate the true ballroom experience of historic parties, this is the place to do it. French doors, vaulted ceilings, picture windows, and private balconies create a perfectly elegant event space for weddings, corporate parties, and more.

See more here on their website:

Arrowhead Golf Club Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs Arrowhead Golf Club
Banquet Halls in the Chicago Suburbs
1. Two Brothers Roundhouse
Two Brothers Roundhouse is the most unique and diverse banquet event venue in all of Chicagoland. With banquet spaces small enough for intimate gatherings of 25 and massive spaces suitable for guest counts up to 600, there is no event that needs to be left out. Their rental spaces include the main restaurant, café, beer garden, courtyard, distillery, and more.

The limestone roundhouse that houses this venue is the oldest of its kind in the United States. It was built in 1856 and is composed entirely of locally-sourced materials. Before its new life as a distillery, restaurant, and event venue, it served the Chicago & Aurora Railroad. With history like that, it’s no surprise its name appears on the National Register of Historic Places.

Two Brothers Roundhouse is, predictably, an all-inclusive wedding venue. As such, you won’t need to look at outside vendors for your catering or bar services. They will customize a bar package for your event and can provide appetizers, desserts, and a multi-course meal with any serving style you’d like. The talented culinary team can put together any menu that appeals to you.

If your priorities for your banquet event include a unique backstory, historic architecture, exquisite food, and exceptional craft beer, Two Brothers Roundhouse is the place for you. The on-site brewery and distillery is a wonderfully unique addition to the property, and with modern amenities complementing the classic architecture, this venue is an engaging and lively setting for any banquet.

No matter what you’re searching for in a banquet hall, we are quite positive this compilation has given you something new to consider. We believe that Two Brothers Roundhouse is the best all-around banquet hall in the entirety of the Chicago suburbs, but each venue on this list has something special and unique to offer, too. As long as you choose a venue that fits your vision, it will be the right decision.

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