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The Top 10 Garden Wedding Venues in Chicago

If you are as excited about nature as you are about your engagement, it is quite likely that you are interested in hosting your wedding in a garden-style venue. We can’t blame you; saying vows surrounded by mature trees, flowers, and foliage sounds pretty romantic. Choosing the right venue is a very important task, so we’ve gathered the top 10 garden wedding venues in Chicago to help you out. Garfield Park Conservatory and Firehouse Chicago were showcased in our Top 10 Unique Wedding venues in Chicago article, and Zhou B Events, Galleria Marchetti, and Colvin House were all featured in our Top 10 Outdoor Wedding venues in Chicago article. It’s no surprise these 5 stunning venues are popping up again for you here to enjoy.


10. 150 North Riverside
150 North Riverside is an indoor/outdoor event space. The lobby of the building can easily accommodate 425 guests, and even at maximum capacity, the soaring ceilings and outdoor view make the venue feel as spacious as can be. They park and outdoor amphitheatre are also accessible to wedding guests and can be used as ceremony and/or reception space.

150 North Riverside is a 54-story structure that was built in 2017. Its incredibly unique design means it only takes up 25% of the 2-acre lot space. The rest is dedicated to garden/park space with seating, an outdoor amphitheatre, and a riverwalk.

There is no catering staff on-site at 150 North Riverside, so you will need to hire an outside vendor for your wedding celebration. There is no preferred list to limit your selection, so take advantage of your freedom here to find your perfect fit.

150 North Riverside is located right on the edge of the Chicago River; if you’re looking for a stunning water feature for your venue, this certainly fits the bill. The park/garden space is home to mature trees and gorgeous greenery to provide a natural nuptial setting. Indoors, their lobby boasts 90-foot ceilings and a 150-foot multimedia wall that adds a unique artistic element to the space. The floor-to-ceiling windows ensure you’ll have lots of natural light and a great view at night, too.

Check out more at their website:

9. Chicago Illuminating Company
In total, Chicago Illuminating Company can hold as many as 250 guests for ceremonies and receptions. Their spacious garden is saturated with greenery and flowers and is adjacent to their semi-enclosed glass-and-fabric tent that serves as an indoor space for receptions. Both the tent and garden can host your entire guest list.

Chicago Illuminating Company is a modern venue housed in a historic building. Decades-old brick walls and a rich garden space combine to create a romantic and elegant setting for every wedding.

Almost all of the details for events held at Chicago Illuminating Company need to come from outside vendors. This includes catering for your meal and bar package. If you aren’t sure where to start, the event team at the venue can assist you in finding the right caterer and coordinating everything so your day goes perfectly.

The event space at Chicago Illuminating Company is cohesive and designed to keep people close to nature. You can hold your ceremony in their garden surrounding by greenery and a peaceful ambiance. Their tented structure can be fully enclosed or can remain open to the fresh air. A rustic gate and red brick walls surround the space to provide privacy for your fairytale.

Check out more at their website:

8. Greenhouse Loft
Greenhouse Loft measures 3600 square feet in size. There are three unique locations available for ceremonies and receptions at this venue, two indoor and one outdoor. Their garden has a seating capacity of 175, and their indoor capacity is also 175 unless you decide to hire a band instead of a DJ; the extra space needed for their setup will reduce the capacity by 25 guests.

Greenhouse Loft opened in March of 2011. For over a decade, they have been hosting private events and collecting art to fill their gallery. This versatile space creates a wonderfully modern setting offset by natural décor and a sky garden.

Greenhouse Loft is not an all-inclusive space, so you will need to hire an outside vendor to take care of your meal service. You can choose to source your alcohol through your caterer as well, or you can supply your own independently. A licensed bartender is required to serve it to guests, though.

The event staff at Greenhouse Loft know how to put a party together. A vintage photo booth, rolling bars and a permanent 25-foot bar, and custom farm or cocktail tables are all included with your booking rate. The outdoor space sits right next to the building and provides an unforgettable natural setting to exchange vows or dance the night away surrounded by greenery.

Check out more at their website:

7. Salvage One
Salvage One is an event venue with both indoor and outdoor space for wedding ceremonies and receptions. They have a lush courtyard with a seating capacity of 250: one of the biggest outdoor garden settings in Chicago. Their indoor space can also seat up to 250 guests. This three-story warehouse style space encompasses 60,000 square feet in total.

Salvage One is a retail and event space that has been open for years. They strive to collect and refurbish antique décor items, furniture, and more to give the items a new life in someone’s home. Since their collection of vintage things is always changing, no two wedding backdrops will ever look the same.

Catering for Salvage One events must come from one of their preferred vendors. Each of the companies on their list will be able to supply a licensed bartender and help you source all of the alcohol you need for an inclusive bar package.

Salvage One is a space that artfully blends historic brick walls, industrial-style ceilings with exposed beams, and gorgeous salvaged glass windows that encourages the space to fill with natural light. Antique furniture, classy chandeliers, and the changing elements of their retail store create a perfectly unique and customizable space for a wedding. Their lush outdoor setting is perfect for nature lovers.

Check out more on their website:

6. Firehouse Chicago
Firehouse Chicago is the perfect venue for split indoor/outdoor events. Their main indoor space is complemented by a gorgeous garden, bridal suite, and private patio for the engaged couple to make use of. This venue is ideal for more intimate weddings with a seating capacity of 100 guests.

Built in 1906, Firehouse Chicago is one of Chicago’s earliest buildings. It was used by Engine Company 70 and was originally home to 4 horse stables as well. This venue holds a place of honor on the Chicago Architecture Foundation Annual Tour.

When you book a wedding at Firehouse Chicago, you will also have to book an outside catering company to provide your meal and bar service: it won’t be provided by the venue. They are happy to supply the alcohol for your event, but you can also choose to have your bar package delivered through your caterer as well. A list of preferred vendors will be provided to you.

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding venue that combines a significant history with modern memorability, vintage elements with contemporary décor, and both indoor and outdoor event space, Firehouse Chicago is the venue to beat. The original firepole and doors are still in place, and you’ll be surrounded by white brick indoors and a captivating ivy wall in the garden.

Check out more at their website:

5. Zhou B Events
Zhou B Events is a fairly unique venue: they actually have two separate locations that can host events, separated by only a two-minute drive or nine-minute walk. Their Art Center is the indoor space capable of hosting 100 seated or 300 standing guests. Their Secret Garden is a smaller outdoor venue that can play host to 75 seated guests or 100 for a cocktail-style event.

The Zhou B Events buildings are both a historic part of Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood. Although the art center is full of modern art pieces, the building itself is a historical landmark that adds a wonderful atmosphere of timeless romance to contrast the modernity of the interior elements.

Catering for events held at one or both of the Zhou B Events spaces will need to be provided by an outside vendor. They don’t require you to use a vendor off a preferred list; instead, you can hire any company that suits your vision. The event staff will coordinate your vendor the day of your event to limit your responsibilities.

Whether you choose to book only the Secret Garden space or decide to use both locations for your wedding, you’ll be surrounded by old world character and modern art. The Secret Garden features a serene pond and sculptures hand-crafted by the Zhou brothers. The indoor Art Center features a collection from many local artists to add a unique flair to your wedding photos.

Check out more on their website:

4. Galleria Marchetti
Galleria Marchetti is home to two stunning event spaces for weddings. You can choose to book one or both of them. La Pergola is their open-air space that can seat 150 guests. Their Pavilion is an enclosed event space perfect for larger weddings with a guest capacity of 400 for a seated reception.

The Marchetti family has been engaged in the hospitality industry for nearly a century. The founding generation opened an inn in 1924, and the youth of that generation grew up and opened Galleria Marchetti. Today, the grandchildren of the founding family members operate the restaurant and event venue. It is truly a family-minded establishment, and it shows in how they treat their guests.

All of the catering for events held at Galleria Marchetti will be handled by the venue. There is an insanely talented team on staff that can provide your guests with one of their pre-designed event packages, or you can work with them to create a completely custom menu. Predictably, their specialty is Italian cuisine, but they excel in other cultural selections too. They can even supply a late night snack bar like a donut station.

The Galleria Marchetti space is full of elegance and romance. In the Pavilion, you can choose to hang décor items from the tent canopy, and the floor-to-ceiling glass windows flood the space in natural light. La Pergola is surrounded by nature and creates a stunning backdrop for ceremonies, receptions, and photoshoots. They even have a courtyard, terrace, and fire pits available for use.

Check out more on their website:

3. Colvin House
For couples seeking an intimate and romantic venue, Colvin House is nearly unbeatable. Both the mansion interior and their courtyard are available to host your ceremony and reception. You can mix and match the spaces however you wish to. You’ll have access to the entire property on your big day. At maximum capacity, this venue can seat 100 guests.

Colvin House has been standing since 1909. It is an architectural innovation that won’t require many additional décor items to get it ready for your big day. Two-story windows, a grand maple staircase, and the original marble fireplace create a timeless and charming venue for your historic moment.

There are two options for catering at Colvin House. A member of their event team can provide you with a list of their seven preferred vendors if you’d like to look outside their venue, but they do have an in-house culinary team available to supply a custom food and drink menu for your event.

There is a lot on offer at Colvin house. In addition to the vintage elements of the building itself, your guests will be wowed by the 4-foot chandelier and cohesive design elements. Outdoors, the lush lawn, blooming garden, Juliet balcony (with a lake view!), and walled-in courtyard create a stunning oasis for nature lovers.

See more here on their website:

2. The Ivy Room at Tree Studios
The Ivy Room at Tree Studios is a versatile space perfect for couples looking for both indoor and outdoor elements in a venue. Their courtyard garden is the ideal space to exchange vows, and the ballroom is a wonderfully romantic space for your reception. In total, the seating capacity of this venue is 180 guests. You can add an extra 20 people to your guest list for standing-style events.

The Ivy Room at Tree Studios is a stunning historic location, recently named one of the most beautiful places to get married in Chicago. The venue marries vintage charm and modern décor seamlessly.

If you’ve been stressing about finding a caterer for your wedding, you won’t have to worry much longer. Booking an event at The Ivy Room means you’ve also found your caterer. The culinary staff of Lettuce Entertain You can provide recommendations on a menu or work with you to custom-design your selection of dishes. The venue will also supply your bar package and a licensed bartender.

Valet parking is only one of the wonderful amenities you’ll be treated to at The Ivy Room. Their courtyard’s most notable feature is the wall of ivy climbing the side of their building. It provides a naturally romantic setting for ceremonies in concert with their green shrubbery and delicate trees. Indoors, ceiling décor and stunning drapery create a versatile background that can be decorated as you see fit.

See more here on their website:

1. Garfield Park Conservatory
Garfield Park Conservatory comprises 12 acres in total: 10 acres of garden and 2 acres of greenhouses. They have multiple indoor spaces to host events in addition to the gardens. Their venues include Horticulture Hall, Artist’s Garden, Jensen Room, and Community Room. These spaces vary in size from 500 to nearly 5000 square feet and can accommodate between 50 and 400 guests depending on your room selection and layout.

Garfield Park Conservatory has been open since 1908. 90 years after its opening day, the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance was formed to serve as management for the conservatory. For the last century and a bit, this venue has served as one of the leading places in Chicago for education and preservation.

It likely won’t come as a surprise that a conservatory doesn’t come with catering. Since Garfield Park Conservatory is not an all-inclusive venue (and no one should expect it to be) you will have to hire an outside vendor to supply your meal and bar service. However, the staff here will supply you with a list of 15 amazing caterers that can help bring your dream dinner to life.

If you choose to hold your wedding in their outdoor spaces, you will have access to the full 12 acre property for photoshoots and exploration. You won’t escape the garden completely if you choose to have your event indoors: plants will be hanging from the ceiling and used for ground-level décor.

See more details on their website:

*BONUS OUTDOOR VENUE* – The Two Brothers Roundhouse
Obviously we’re a little biased, but if you look at our track record, we’ve got the awards to back it up! We’ve won 9 brewery awards, been awarded “Best Of Weddings” badge from The Knot in 2019, 2020 and 2021, and won the “Couples Choice Award” from Wedding Wire almost every year from 2012 – 2020!

Venues don’t win that many awards by luck or chance. That’s the consistent quality and reputation Two Brothers has for hosting weddings!

The Two Brothers Roundhouse property encompasses 70,000 square feet home to multiple buildings, gathering areas, and gorgeous landscape. The diversity of our location ensures that your guest list ranging in size from 50 to over 300 can all feel perfectly at home in the space. This includes majestic outdoor areas to host a ceremony or reception.

Our venue has one of the most interesting stories of all. Built in 1856, the roundhouse served as the storage and maintenance facility for the Chicago and Aurora’s Railroad locomotives. This historic building is the oldest roundhouse in the entire country. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that will surround you in history, there is no better location in Chicago’s suburbs.

As an all-inclusive location, Two Brothers Roundhouse has an exceptionally trained catering staff and bartending service available to design a menu and bar package according to the individual needs of every couple.

See why we’re quickly becoming the top choice for wedding venues in the greater Chicago area. We have more details on our wedding venue banquets page here.

Email us any time at or call us (630) 509-0215

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