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The Top 10 Wedding Venues in the Chicago Suburbs

So, the question was asked, answered, and now it’s time to choose the venue for your big day. While many people love the hustle and bustle of the big city, others dream of a slower pace and more remote setting for their wedding. Don’t let the suburbs fool you, though. The wedding venues in Chicago’s suburbs are right up there with the ones in the heart of the city when it comes to quality, amenities, and overall experience. It doesn’t matter what your fairytale wedding looks like in your head: these top 10 wedding venues in the Chicago suburbs have something magical to offer every couple.

10. Carriage Greens Country Club
Carriage Greens Country Club is a 114 acre golf course and country club. During your wedding, you will have access to the entire golf course for photos, one of five separate rooms that can host your event, and two bridal suites. The ballrooms can accommodate anywhere between 50 and 350 guests, and each room will have a terrace or patio for connected access to the outdoors.

Carriage Greens Country Club has been family-owned for half a century. For 38 of those years, they have been hosting weddings. More than 1500 couples have experienced the joys, scenery, and exceptional services offered by this venue. Maybe you’ll be next.

At Carriage Greens Country Club, there is no need for any outside vendors. They offer full meal and bar service as an all-inclusive venue, but there is a lot of flexibility at play. You can choose items off of their basic menu or upgrade. If you have a special menu or late night snack station in mind, they will likely be able to bring it to life.

One of the main benefits of getting married at a country club is, of course, the golf course. Not only is the entire 18-hole course accessible to your wedding party for pictures, but every wedding package includes a complimentary tee time for the couple and two additional guests.

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9. The Morton Arboretum
There are a number of venues within the Morton Arboretum that can host your ceremony and/or reception, with seating capacity ranging from 50 to 300 guests. Of course, you’ll have access to the many acres of arboretum nature for photos and exploration. In its entirety, the Morton Arboretum comprises 1700 acres of land.

The Morton Arboretum began as a family pursuit in 1922. Joy Morton converted his country estate into an arboretum, repurposing old farm buildings into an herbarium and management buildings for the land he transformed into a living tree museum. The library in his mansion still stands today and is part of the Thornhill Education Center. You can even get married in that library, today known as the Founder’s Room.

The Morton Arboretum has its own event staff for weddings that will cater your entire dinner and bar, and their menu is quite diverse. Every wedding package includes a three-course dinner, a custom wedding cake, coffee and tea service, a champagne toast, and a four-hour bar package.

One of the best things about the Morton Arboretum is its versatility. Whether you want an outdoor ceremony in front of a massive oak tree, an intimate ceremony in a decades-old library, or a full on party, the Morton Arboretum has a venue on the grounds to make your dream a reality.

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8. Abbington Distinctive Banquets
With multiple ballrooms and other gathering areas, the Abbington venue can host weddings with up to 300 guests. They have a large staff with decades of experience that ensures they can seamlessly transition your guests from one event to another. You’ll also have the freedom to arrange the décor and floor plan in whatever flow suits your vision best.

Abbington Distinctive Banquets is a family-owned company that was established in 2002. The family’s wedding planning experience dates back to 1969, and now they have their very own venue to host your celebration.

Abbington Distinctive Banquets is an all-inclusive venue, so you won’t need to work with any outside vendors for any details. The leaders of the catering staff have over two decades of experience in the kitchen industry and will be able to meet any dreams you have for your wedding menu. They also have a full staff of servers and bartenders.

The Abbington is a fairly unique venue; you will be surrounded by elegance and romance as soon as you venture within their walls. Double doors leading into the ballroom, large windows, and crystal chandeliers ensure you’ll be surrounded by grandeur with every step. The building’s white exterior and arched windows provide a stunning backdrop for photos.

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7. Hoosier Grove Barn
The 19-acre property that houses the Hoosier Grove Barn is home to all of the original buildings: a one-room schoolhouse, horse barn, and farmhouse. A schoolhouse ceremony can accommodate 75-80 guests, a garden ceremony 175 guests, and the barn can host between 120 and 200 guests depending on the floor plan.

The Hoosier Grove land lived two lifetimes before it started its journey as a wedding venue: from 1888 to 1955, this land was used for a dairy farm. It passed to new ownership in 1955 and was used as a crop farm until 1988. The buildings were restored to their current splendor and the property has been used as a wedding and event venue ever since.

The Hoosier Grove Barn has staff for bartending, but you will need to hire an outside vendor for full catering service. Your on-site wedding/event planner will coordinate with whatever vendor you’ve chosen to use to ensure you have nothing to think about except for getting married.

The Hoosier Grove Barn is one of the most rustic and romantic settings you can find in the Chicago suburbs. Whether you get married on the old schoolhouse steps, in the warm barn decorated in soft twinkle lights, or in the outdoor garden featuring a stone fountain and fire pits, you will be enchanted by the rustic charm and serenity of this location.

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6. Arrowhead Golf Club
Arrowhead Golf Club reserves the entire top floor of their clubhouse for you and your guests. Their Grand Ballroom occupies just over 5300 square feet of space and it can be custom decorated to suit your fairytale. As many as 275 guests can enjoy this space. For a more intimate ceremony, their Clocktower Room can hold 40 guests comfortably.

The first golf course was built on this property in the 1920’s. The name was later changed from Antlers Club to Arrowhead Golf Club as an homage to the Native American artifacts found during construction. There are now 27 holes and a learning center on the property that guests can appreciate.

Arrowhead Golf Club provides the meal and bartending service for your wedding, so you will only need an outside vendor for your wedding cake. They have a list of preferred vendors that you can choose from. The catering team will provide a multi-course dinner, dessert, a coffee station, and late night snacks of your choosing.

Choosing Arrowhead Golf Club as your wedding venue means you have the unique opportunity to transport yourselves to the sophistication of historic ballroom parties. Large French doors, private balconies, vaulted ceilings, and picture windows create an atmosphere of timeless romance for every couple.

Check out more at their website:

5. Paramount’s Meyer Ballroom
The Meyer Ballroom is a large, open space capable of seating as many as 250 guests. They will offer discounts for weddings with a guest count over 200, but they also have specialized pricing structures for micro weddings as well. No matter how many people you wish to invite to your special day, the folks at Paramount will treat you right.

The Meyer Ballroom sits directly across the street from the historic Paramount Theatre, a building that is over 90 years old. Although the Meyer Ballroom is a newly renovated space, it still holds all the charm and opulent artistic history you’d expect.

As you begin to plan your wedding at Paramount’s Meyer Ballroom, you will be able to select one of four preferred caterers to plan your lunch or dinner service. Included with the venue is a 5-hour bar service, but your caterer will be responsible for the meal, coffee service, and wait staff.

When you book your wedding at Paramount’s Meyer Ballroom, you and your guests will be treated like stars. Everyone will receive a complimentary ticket to a Broadway show at the Paramount Theatre, be treated to valet parking, and live the red carpet experience with a literal red carpet and your names in lights.

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4. CityGate Grille
The Terrace Room at CityGate Grille can welcome you and 180 guests for your special day. You will also have access to an outdoor patio to extend your celebration space and have convenient access to fresh air and sunshine. Floor to ceiling windows will ensure every inch of your venue is welcoming and inclusive.

CityGate Grille is a newer establishment with its open date only in 2009, but it is already proving itself to be a venue that will stand the test of time. With courteous and knowledgeable staff, a gorgeous indoor and outdoor ceremony/reception site, and a prime location outside Chicago, we’re sure this location will continue making a name for itself for years to come.

At CityGate Grille, you will be treated to an all-inclusive wedding experience. As such, your catering will all be performed by the culinary team onsite. They will provide a three-course meal with a customized menu, a custom wedding cake, three-hour open bar service, hors d’oeuvres, and coffee service.

There are a few incredible bonuses you’ll be privy to when booking with CityGate Grille. You’ll receive a complimentary guest room at Hotel Arista with discounts for any guests that need to stay overnight, a one-year anniversary cake, and four flat screen/projection setups to display photo streams the night of your reception.

Check out more on their website:

3. The Moment on Main
With a large open floor plan, The Moment on Main is a venue capable of housing 180 guests for a sit-down dinner and 230 guests for a cocktail reception. They are located within walking distance of multiple parks, shops, and more to immerse your guests in the downtown experience while providing lots of access to gorgeous photoshoot locations.

The Moment on Main is an up and coming wedding venue that is already making a name for itself. Owner Alexis Heller and her husband Joe have years of experience in the wedding and event industry, and since their venue and joint business are still quite new, you can become a part of their history while celebrating one of life’s biggest moments.

The Moment on Main is all about flexibility and creating a wedding that is unique to every couple. As a result, they have vendor recommendations for your catering, but your options are really unlimited. The staff will work with any vendor of your choosing to ensure your day is as perfect as it gets.

The mission of The Moment on Main is to serve as a blank canvas for your wedding. The venue is outfitted with a neutral color palate and minimalistic open concept design to ensure it can be transformed into the ideal space for every couple. Whatever you envision for your special day, the versatile space and committed staff will bring your fairytale to life.

Check out more on their website:

2. Jacob Henry Mansion Estate
The Jacob Henry Mansion alone occupies 16,800 square feet of space, and it is surrounded by multiple acres of lush landscape and accompanied by the Old Central Church. A ceremony in the Drawing Room can host 90 guests, the courtyard 140 guests, and the Old Central Church can seat 500 guests. A reception in the Victorian Ballroom or gardens can each house up to 300 guests.

The Jacob Henry Mansion was constructed from 1873-1876 and the Old Central Church on the property was constructed in 1895. Both building still retain almost all of their original materials and craftsmanship. More than 40 rooms of various purposes are still open and accessible today.

The Jacob Henry Mansion Estate has a catering team on site that eliminates the need for outside vendors. Whatever plans you have in mind for your menu, you will be wowed by the culinary team on staff.

The Jacob Henry Mansion Estate is truly a one-of-a-kind venue. It has not lost any of its Victorian charm, and the exposed beam work, stained glass windows, and perfectly manicured landscape will make you feel like you have travelled a century back in time. They even have the original 2000-pipe organ. Talk about romance.

See more here on their website:

1. Two Brothers Roundhouse
The Two Brothers Roundhouse property encompasses 70,000 acres home to multiple buildings, gathering areas, and gorgeous landscape. The diversity of this location ensures that guest lists ranging in size from 50 to over 300 can all feel perfectly at home in the space.

The Two Brothers Roundhouse venue has one of the most interesting stories of all. Built in 1856, the roundhouse served as the storage and maintenance facility for the Chicago and Aurora’s Railroad locomotives. This building is the oldest roundhouse in the entire country. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that will surround you in history, there is on better location in Chicago’s suburbs.

As an all-inclusive location, Two Brothers Roundhouse has an exceptionally trained catering staff and bartending service available to design a menu and bar package according to the individual needs of every couple.

Unique Elements: Getting married at Two Brothers Roundhouse will immerse you in an experience you can’t find anywhere else. An on-site brewery and distillery, illuminated outdoor terrace, timeless architecture, and overall ambiance make this location the most desirable wedding venue in Chicago’s suburbs. No matter how lofty your goals may be for your wedding experience, the Two Brothers Roundhouse staff and breath-taking setting will help you achieve them.

It should be evident by now that there are a lot of fantastic wedding venues in the greater Chicago area. While we think Two Brothers Roundhouse is the best of the best thanks to its ability to offer something unique and wonderful to every couple, any of the other venues on this list would make a great location for your I Do’s. Your venue choice is one of the most important wedding decisions you’ll need to make, and hopefully this article has helped guide you in the right direction.

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