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20 Breath-taking Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

A wedding stage is an incredibly significant component of every Indian wedding. As such, it should be decorated with care and combine the styles of both bride and groom. A wedding stage can be simple and elegant or flamboyant and elaborate or anything in between. If you’re looking for some wedding stage decoration ideas, you’ve come to the right place: we’ve gathered twenty of the best ideas to inspire you and help define the vision you’re putting together. Whether you choose one of these ideas, combine three of them, or go with none, we are confident that this compilation will be helpful to you.


1. Go Floral
Flowers are a key element of any wedding: using them as the main decoration for your wedding stage is only good sense. You can choose to go with light and neutral flowers balanced with some darker foliage to create a bright and welcoming space, or you can go the opposite with a wall of dark red roses. Not only will the flowers provide a gorgeous natural element to your wedding stage that will blend seamlessly with the rest of the wedding, but they smell great, too.

2. Classic Red and Gold
Pairing the classic red and gold color scheme with large statement pieces is an excellent way to create a bold and intricate wedding stage without needing too many individual items. Gold and white furniture draws the eye to the center of the stage. As a backdrop, deep red drapery should be combined with elaborate gold décor items that reach from the floor to the top of the stage frame. A few small gold chandeliers will complete the overhead space, and carved wooden side tables in a dark brown are the only décor items needed for center stage.

3. Night Sky Theme
Using a night sky theme for your wedding stage will create an absolutely enchanting space. The focal point of the wedding stage should always be the seating for the couple, so you’ll want to choose a furniture piece that is solid white, and you should complement it with a white stage floor. On ground level, bundles of white flowers and dark green foliage provide an anchoring force. Above the wedding couple, plenty of small glass lanterns create a firefly effect that will be complemented by the soft blue lighting that will reflect off all of the white structures that compose the stage frame.

4. Pastel Drapery
Combining various shades of pastel colors on your wedding stage is the ideal way to achieve serene elegance and create a welcoming space for guests. Use one pastel shade for your drapery and accent the space with small touches of other colors and some dark green foliage. Tall candles and lamps can add some depth to the stage as well. Rounded hanging lanterns and a white sofa will complete this romantic and inviting setting.

5. Splashes of Contrasting Color
Contrasting colors are a great way to add some life to a space without creating a busy or overwhelming wedding stage. This theme works best in a canopy setting but can really be applied to any structure. Pairing bright reds, oranges, and pinks will add a vibrant pop to the décor that will be offset by a neutral colored furniture set and some soft cascading flowers. A ring of flowers at the top of the canopy is a great accent.

6. Forest Theme
Decorating your wedding stage with a forest theme will bring tons of natural beauty into the space and create an incredibly peaceful environment for your celebration. With this setup, the actual stage will be quite bare and open. The only items should be the seating for the couple (and family if desired). Surrounding the stage, you can add dense foliage and climbing flowers up the pillars of the frame. Overhead, a dense ceiling of wood and foliage will enclose the space. To add some extra flair, dangling white strands of flowers is a beautiful addition.

7. Extravagantly Royal
There is a lot that goes into creating the perfect royal wedding stage, but it sure is worth it for the final look. You’ll want to go with traditional gold seating for this theme. You can choose two large throne-like chairs or a longer sofa that can seat both bride and groom together. On either side of the seating, you’ll want some grand covered tables with a large bouquet of flowers and some same-color petals on the floor around them. The backdrop should be composed of multi-colored drapery; the ideal is shades of purple and lots of gold. You can add some white chandeliers to complete the look.

8. Add Mirrors
Mirrors aren’t an overly common addition to a wedding stage, but they are a wonderful way to add some depth and character to your décor. Not only can mirrors make a space feel larger, but they can also help reflect lighting and add a unique edge to the decorations. You can choose one large mirror as a backdrop or choose to include multiple. The mirror frames should be ornate and a little bit quirky. Offset but balanced placement behind the couple’s seating will draw the eye to the stars of the event. Mirrors are best used for morning or afternoon weddings rather than celebrations after sundown.

9. Bollywood Style
If you love boldness, drama, and lavish extravagance, decorating your wedding stage with Bollywood-themed decorations is the perfect solution. Combine vibrant pops of color with towering ceiling-high backdrops and plenty of bright lighting. You can add some colored lighting and textured drapes to up the wow-factor even more. If you want to turn your wedding stage into a party zone, a Bollywood style is the way to go.

10. Elegant Chandelier(s)
Choosing to hang one massive chandelier as the center of your wedding stage or multiple smaller chandeliers can dramatically elevate the elegance of the stage décor. Not only does it draw the eye immediately, but it can have a great impact on the lighting and give your guests something grand to remember. Your chandelier(s) can be composed of traditional glass and lights, or you can incorporate flowers and drapery that frames the area: it’s all up to you. This is a truly lavish addition to a wedding stage.

11. Serene Romance
A serene and romantic wedding stage is perfect for couples that want a more low-key celebration. It will also be more cost-effective since you don’t need as many décor items. To pull off serene romance, you’re going to want to scatter flowers overhead and around the seating. Soft colors like white, pink, and purple will be soothing and not too flashy, perfect for the look you’re going for. Choosing furniture that has soft gold accents and using simple lighting will finish off your serene and romantic wedding stage perfectly.

12. Unique Structure & Simple Drapery
One of the best ways to make your wedding stage stand out is to throw in a really unique structure to replace more traditional surroundings for seating. Instead of a canopy or four-pillar structure, you can use a custom-made or second-hand seating structure that people have never seen before. Think large domes or a platform with one end that extends overhead and down to the floor on the opposite side. Surrounding an eye-catching shape for your seating with simple drapery in soft but matching colors will guarantee a comfortable yet memorable wedding stage.

13. Fairytale Shimmer
A fairytale shimmer is a wonderfully romantic way to decorate a wedding stage. If you and your spouse-to-be prefer a more subtle way to wow your guests, this is the way to go. To create the fairytale shimmer look, you’re going to want to choose a softer color for your seating and flowers: consider pastels and neutral tones. Overhead will be layers and layers of glitter strings or waterfall lights. To complete this design, you need lots of lighting. You can choose to go with typical white lighting to add a ton of sparkle, but you can also offset the main seating area with some colored lighting in the back to set the focus.

14. Patterned Décor Items
If you are into bright colors and unique décor items, we have a perfect idea for decorating your wedding stage: patterned décor. Take traditionally plain items like umbrellas or cushions and reinvent them with bright colors and unique geometric patterns. Pair these patterned décor items with brightly colored drapery and a neutral floor, and you’ve got a pretty dazzling wedding stage. Spreading this type of décor around on the floor, on the seating, and even overhead will help add some cohesiveness to the wedding as a whole. Make sure the colors match your wedding clothing!

15. Arch It Up
Using an arch to frame your wedding stage is another budget-friendly but versatile way to decorate. You can coat your arch in lights to brighten things up or go with a softer floral/foliage theme. You could even use a plain structure of wood or treated metal to simplify things even further. Around the arch, simple seating and on-theme flowers or foliage will create a magical space. Solid throw pillows and minimalist lighting pull this decorative style together.

16. Casually Rustic
For wedding couples that love nature and more down-to-earth décor, there is no better way to decorate your wedding stage than with a rustic theme. Using organic flowers, dark green foliage, and candles to add substance to the environment is a great way to create a welcoming and peaceful stage. The seating should be done in bright neutral colors (white, cream, etc.) and you’ll need some sort of rustic wooden element like old barn yard doors or simple wood paneling as a backdrop.

17. Exotic Simplicity
There are a few elements that will be needed to decorate your wedding stage with exotic simplicity. First, you’ll need a handful of delicate flower bouquets placed on side tables or directly on the floor. These will be paired with simple foliage items like leaves on vines that will trail overhead and on the furniture. Complement these components with gold furniture, straight drapery, and colored lighting, and you’ll have a perfectly simple and exotic wedding stage.

18. Elevate the Stage
If you want a dramatic and jaw-dropping style for your wedding stage, you want to introduce some height. Elevating your wedding stage above the crowd will make a bold statement and garner immediate admiration from all of your wedding guests. Pairing an off-the-floor wedding stage with bold and vibrant colours, traditional wedding garb, and floodlights will create an overall look that no one will ever forget. If you want to go the extra step, extravagant fireworks can create a stunning backdrop for photos and entertain your guests at the same time.

19. Add a Canopy
Using a canopy to cocoon the wedding stage creates a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. It is a great way to add a relaxing setting into a busy wedding, and it is pretty easy to accomplish. Use understated seating structures and canopy drapery that matches the color scheme of your wedding. Subtle touches of gold and hanging lighting like chandeliers will add some elegance to the space. Your canopy can be small to incorporate only the seating for the bride and groom, or you can elevate the peak to encompass additional tables, chairs, or sectionals for other family members.

20. Solid Color
Decorating in solid colors is an incredibly popular style for wedding stages. You can choose subtle elegance with overwhelming white décor, or you can go bold with red or gold as your main color. Cooler colors like blue or green can provide a soothing but still dramatic look for a wedding stage too. If you decide to decorate mainly in a solid color, it should be consistent in the flowers, furniture, and drapery. Your cushions can add some contrast, as can smaller décor items, but you don’t want to add too much variation.

5 Things to Keep in Mind
When finalizing the design and décor items you want for your wedding stage, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind to make sure it fits with the rest of the wedding, it is feasible, and it turns out as great in reality as it looks in your mind.

1. Budget

Setting a budget before you begin decorating your wedding stage is a great way to find the best value in your items. Getting creative with some DIY solutions for certain decorations can help you save money, as can forgoing a decorator. As long as you choose a sturdy frame, you can decorate your wedding stage in any way that appeals to you and is affordable.

2. Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme should be chosen before you begin planning decorations for the wedding stage. Although your wedding stage will be one of the focal points of the wedding celebration, it does need to be cohesive with the rest of the wedding and should blend seamlessly with the rest of the décor.

3. Stage Arrangement

The arrangement of the wedding stage is a significant aspect of planning the decorations. It should be a cozy and comfortable space to keep the bride and groom happy for hours, but it also needs to be large enough to accommodate guests for photos and socialization. The space should be welcoming but private enough to make the wedding couple feel special and important.

4. Lighting

You’ll likely need a professional’s advice when setting up the lighting for your wedding stage. It will have a dramatic impact on the look of the photographs afterwards and will affect how the stage appears to guests as the natural lighting changes. It sets the tone for the wedding, too, from intimate and romantic to flashy and dazzling.

5. Color Scheme

The colors you choose to use when decorating the wedding stage can make or break the entire wedding. When the colors chosen for the stage match the flowers, the outfits of the bride and groom, and the décor through the rest of the space, your wedding stage will become a true highlight. If, however, you have some clashing, the pictures may turn out quite unappealing. Make sure you keep the big picture in mind when choosing a color scheme for your wedding stage.

Choosing the right wedding stage design is a very personal decision, and whether you go with one of the twenty ideas from this article, you combine two or more of them, or you go with something completely unique, all that matters is that you feel special on your wedding day and love the photos afterwards. The only limit here is your imagination, so let it run wild.

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